Our manifesto

Guidelines that we live by when facilitating our workshops

Serving the client

First of all, we seek to understand our client’s expectations by
working together closely. We see all staff members whom we facilitate
and negotiate with as our clients and we make sure we use the proper
methods to aid our participants in pursuing their desired outcome. If
the group deviates from the original plan and decides to move in a new
direction, our job is to reconcile the original intent with the new
objective and facilitate the group towards that.

Paving the way

We seek transparency and honesty with our clients to aid us in
acknowledging any potential conflict of interest. We thereby have an
open discussion to clarify our agendas to reduce the risk of settling
for a process that would allow unfair or inappropriate gains and
interests to manifest. Once we have all possible biases and personal
interests on the table, our strategy is to observe them together and
determine if certain matters might be objects that hinder engaging and
effective work towards the goal. Having done this together, the chances
for misunderstandings minimize and we can move forward with clear and
proper agreements.

Anatomy of the group

Our interest is to establish a conscious agreement to the process along
with the group participants. We don’t want to cause any sort of
negative influence to the groups’ progress that could risk bringing
disorder, confusion or inflict on the dignity of the individuals.

Methods, processes and tools

We customize our process design in dialogue with our clients. This
enables us to understand the goals made by the representatives and
what methods that would facilitate their accomplishment. We make
thorough analyses as to what methods to use and avoid tools which we
deem as unfit, too abstract or beyond our competence.

The right environment

We create the right type of environment that is needed for the
purpose of the gathering. Our competence lies with using the best
possible method to ensure that participants feels safe, gets seen
and can open up to each other. We strongly believe that everyone has
something to give if the circumstances are right.

We have the process, you have the content

Your knowledge and expertise is what is being said. Our knowledge
and expertise is how it is being said. However, if we feel that we
have something to add to the group, we ask the participants for
approval and then express our change of role.


We maintain confidentiality of information.
We do not share information about a client within or outside of the
client's organisation, nor do we report on group content, or the
individual opinions or behaviour of members of the group without

Professional development

We are responsible for continuous improvement of our facilitation
skills and knowledge.
Our commitment is to continuously learn and grow. We remain relevant
in the field of facilitation through our practical group experiences
and ongoing personal development. We are always striving to have
exchange of learnings with our clients.

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