We lead processes that enable people to be brilliant

We create relevant workshops that engage people in a way that activates mind, movement, creativity and experimentation.


Our workshops is designed in a way that ensures participation for all the attendees.


When the right environment is created, people feel brave to try new ideas and be creative.


Our workshops ensure alignment and personal responsibility.

Collective Intelligence

We are smarter together. Our workshops draw out the collective intelligence in the room.

What our participants say

"What I liked the most about your workshops was the way you’ve designed them with different stops. We got to write, draw, talk and dance together which was really effective, because we’re not very good learners when we just sit in our seats."



"One thing I take with me is to try and always create a supportive environment when people are trying new things."


Beckmans Designhögskola

"Dare to share your feelings and get out of your comfort zone. Trust builds trust."


Hyper Island
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